Solid Surface Shower Pan


Important element in the development of exclusive bathroom designs is shower pan. This element is of great importance in bathroom fitting. The solid surface shower pan can provide a modern, innovative appearance to the whole space.

HONDAO sanitary provides a variety kinds of solid surface shower pan for customers to choose. Additionally, there are various colors for customers to choose from. Solid surface is an inert, harmless, and safe material with no toxicity, its smooth and silky touch makes it a warm material in matte white. Due to the characteristics of the solid surface, Properties such as resistance to impacts, ease of cleaning and maintenance, its anti-bacterial qualities and non-porosity which prevent the presence of microorganisms and bacteria.

Discover our unique series of solid surface shower pan and select the one which best adapts to your tastes and needs. To satisfy customers' different requirements, we can customize the products in every aspect. If you have any other questions, please feel free to inquire.

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